I am beyond excited to be able to workout again and 8.2 was a great start.  I took it easy and didn’t push too hard.  Listening to my body.  Here is how it went:

A. emom – Back squat @20X1 x 3 – 6mins (speed focus) 60-70% of 1rm 

85lbs (felt great to squat again)

B. Back squat 8, 4, 2, 2; rest 2-3mins 

8 reps – 45lbs

4 reps – 85lbs

2 reps – 115lbs

2 reps – 120lbs

C. DB RFESS 5-6/leg; rest 1min btw legs x 3 

5 reps with 15lb DBs
3 sets of amrap unbroken wall balls 20/14 scale as needed rest 5min btw attempts 
(for ones that cannot do one large set, 25+, do 50-75 wallballs for time)

Used the 8lb med ball because I am still getting used to using my chest muscles.  

Set 1 – 12

Set 2 – 11

Set 3 – 12

I should have done the modification for this one but I didn’t…you live and you learn!


1/2 banana before OPT


10 clementines

1 glass of fresh squeezed OJ

4 peaches & 1 kiwi

1 date coconut roll

1 piece pineapple

Large green salad

Overall it was a great day!


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