OPT Testing Day 2 & My Birthday!!

A. 15 mins to build to a max Back Squat – #155 PR

Rest 5 mins

B. Back Squat AMRAP w/ 85% of A @30X0 tempo – 18 Reps with #130

C. 10 mins to find 8RM DB RFESS @3010 – weight is the db/kb weight or 1/2 barbell weight – 15lb dumbells for 8RM 

2k Row for time – 9:43

 Sleep: 6 hours Stress: 2/10

4:15am – Wake up

4:25am – ½ red apple and 3 almonds

5:00am – OPT

6:45am – 2 eggs, 2 whites, kale, mushrooms, sweet potato, ½ banana & KillCliff

10:00am – Chia pudding

11:00am – 1 mini GF cupcake for my bday!

1:45pm – Chicken, spaghetti squash, spinach, ½ RX bar

8:00pm – Birthday Burgerfi!!!!

Notes: Felt really good today.  I thought waking up early was going to make me tired for the whole rest of the day but I actually had great energy.  My diet has been completely off today because it’s my birthday BUT I will be back on it tomorrow J

PRed my backsquat by 5lbs and I felt like I had more but we ran out of time.  Overall OPT today was great and I felt super strong.  I don’t think I pushed myself as hard as I could have on the rear foot elevated split squat.  I also pushed the prowler at 4:30pm for my birthday.

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