OPT Testing Day 1

“Olympic Total”

A. 20 mins to work up to max Snatch – #65 PR

B. 20 mins to work up to max Clean & Jerk – #85 previous PR


Sorensen Test – hold top of back extension (parallel with ground), chin tucked, hands on temples for as long as possible without drooping (2min cap) – 2:00 minutes


Side Bridge tests – hold side bridge with side of L foot and L forearm on ground, hips neutral, for as long as possible, then R side (90sec cap each) – 90 seconds each side

Sleep: 8.5 hours
Stress: 2/10

7:00 am – ½ red apple and 3 almonds

8:00am-9:30am – OPT Testing

10:00am – 2 eggs 2 egg whites scrambled with kale, mushrooms, salsa and avocado, coffee with ¼ cup almond milk and 1 stevia

1:00pm – 1/2 apple 1 egg 1 white, 3 almonds, coffee

2:30 – turkey breast, sweet potato, green beens, sliced almonds

5:30pm – smoothie with kale, banana blueberry and cacao

7:30pm – salmon cake, spinach, squash, cucumber, avocado

9:30pm – protein shake with water

9:50pm – bed time

 Notes: Woke up feeling excited and nervous for OPT training.  Felt well rested but had some feelings of self-doubt going into it.  I know already that this is going to be my biggest struggle.  During testing I PRed my snatch which felt great but my Clean and Jerk felt weak and I hit my previous PR.  After OPT I was dreading the rest of my day because I have to work a double which is always exhausting.  Work was exhausting and by the time I got home I was completely wiped out.

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